Air Filters

    Ultra Air Purifier | 1200 sq. ft.


    Don't worry about your allergies acting up at home or work, use the best air purifier to keep the place clear of all irritants. Room air filters are perfect for...

    Humidifier + Remote Control


    Make the Best out of your Fall-Winter Season with Our Newest Large & Powerful HumidifierThe "Ocean Breeze" 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use a Humidifier Moisturizing the air in your...

    Breeze 2 | Air Purifier


    Air purifier with photocatalytic oxidation and 7 integrated decontamination technologies Breeze 2 is one of the most advanced purifiers on the market, that helps reducing viruses and other indoor contaminants,...

    Fresh Air | EcoBox Air Purifier


    Fresh Air Box successfully deals with all indoor air pollution related problems: Purifies the air of dust, smoke, allergens (such as pollen, pet dander, etc.). Air ions (negatively charged oxygen...

    Pro Air Purifier | 1000 sq. ft.


    This air Purifier with UV-C provides optimum air purification and air cleaning while reducing maintenance and saving you money on energy. It features a 9-stage detection, diagnostic, filtration, and purification...

    Fresh | Air Purifier 300 sq. ft.


    FreshAir Desktop has the latest technology and design to provide Fresh environment in areas up to 300 sq. ft. APPLICATIONS: Meeting room Office Living room Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Hotel room Dining room...

    Humidifier with Bluetooth Speaker


    BPA-FREE ULTRASONIC AROMA DIFFUSER - air diffuser adopts the ultrasonic technology to create a soft environment by adding several essential oils into the water. You can also use it as...

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