What is KANGEN water?

Enagic is a Japanese manufacturer of alkaline water machines, with Kangen being their most prominent brand. These equipment are designed to ionize water in order to produce alkaline water with a higher pH. While proponents of alkaline water assert that it provides numerous health benefits, there are concerns regarding Enagic's marketing practices and product quality.

What is Alkaline Ionized Water?

Alkaline ionized water is ionized water with a pH level greater than 7. Ionization entails the separation of the water molecule into two ions, one with a positive charge (hydrogen ions) and one with a negative charge (oxygen ions). (hydroxide ions). The resultant water is alkaline and has a higher pH level.

Proponents of alkaline ionized water assert that it offers a variety of health benefits, including enhanced hydration, increased vitality, and enhanced digestion. However, scientific evidence to substantiate these claims is limited.

Typically, an alkaline water dispenser employs an electrical current to separate the water molecule into its component ions during the ionization process. Water typically passes through an electrode chamber and endures the ionization process in these machines. The resulting water is then segregated according to its pH level, which typically ranges from 7.5 to 11.5.

Alkaline ionized water's capability to mitigate acidity in the body is one of its primary benefits. The body's pH is mildly alkaline by nature, with a pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. However, many individuals consume acidic foods, such as processed meats, dairy products, and refined carbohydrates, in large quantities. This can cause an imbalance in the pH levels of the body, which can contribute to a variety of health issues, such as acid reflux, osteoporosis, and even cancer.

Alkaline ionized water can help restore a healthy pH balance by neutralizing the acidity in the body. Additionally, it is believed that alkaline water has antioxidant properties, which can help reduce inflammation and protect cells from injury.

There is scientific evidence to support the claims made by proponents of alkaline ionized water that it offers numerous health benefits. Certain health conditions, such as acid reflux and elevated blood pressure, may benefit from alkaline water, according to a number of studies. 

What to Consider While Buying Alkaline Ionized Water?

When contemplating the purchase of an alkaline ionized water dispenser, several factors must be considered. Here are some considerations:


● When purchasing an alkaline ionized water machine, one of the most essential factors to consider is the quality of the machine itself. Some machines, such as those manufactured by Enagic and Kangen, may employ obsolete technology or lack a filtration mechanism, resulting in a lower-quality product. It is essential to investigate the various available options and seek for machines that employ high-quality materials and advanced technology.


● The price of the machine is an additional essential consideration. Enagic and Kangen machines can be quite pricey, with prices ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars. It is essential to evaluate the possible advantages of alkaline ionized water toward the cost of the machine, and to consider alternative options that may be more cost-effective. Them also being a MLM.

Warranty and Support

● When purchasing an alkaline ionized water purifier, it is essential to consider the manufacturer's warranty and support. Some companies, including Enagic and Kangen, may very short 5 year warranties or require customers to purchase additional coverage. Before making a purchase, it is essential to read the fine print and comprehend what is covered by the warranty.

Reputation and reviews

● Another important factor to consider is the manufacturer's reputation and product reviews. Enagic and Kangen have been criticized for their MLM strategies and questionable product quality, so it is essential to read customer reviews and investigate the company's history prior to making a purchase.

Health Claims

● Finally, it is essential to be wary of health claims made by manufacturers of alkaline ionized water. There are indications that alkaline water may have health benefits, but the scientific evidence is limited. Manufacturers such as Enagic and Kangen have been criticized for making unsupported health claims about their products; therefore, it is essential to conduct your own research and approach these claims with skepticism.

Multi-Level Marketing of Enagic

Enagic's use of multi-level marketing (MLM) strategies is one of the company's greatest weaknesses. MLMs are a contentious business model in which participants earn commissions not only on their own sales, but also on the sales of those they recruit. According to critics, MLMs frequently prioritize recruitment over actual sales, resulting in an emphasis on developing a downline rather than selling quality products.

Enagic operates as an MLM, with sales representatives frequently employing aggressive recruitment strategies. Many customers have reported feeling pressured to purchase an Enagic machine, and some have claimed they were misled about the product's health benefits.

In addition to ethical concerns, there are also financial hazards associated with MLMs. While there are those who profit from MLMs, the overwhelming majority of participants lose money. MLMs typically require participants to purchase a large quantity of product up front, and then make it difficult to return or resell that product if they are unable to recruit enough new members to generate a profit.

Product Quality

The condition of their machines is an additional issue with Enagic. Critics have noted that the technology used in Enagic machines is obsolete and not as effective as other methods of water ionization, despite the company's claim that their machines produce high-quality alkaline water.

The electrolysis procedure used by Enagic's machines involves passing an electric current through water to separate its alkaline and acidic components. This process can produce alkaline water, but it can also produce hazardous byproducts like chlorine gas.

In addition, Enagic's machines lack a filtration system, which means that any impurities in the water will be ionized and potentially ingested by users. Numerous contaminants, including heavy metals and microorganisms, can be detrimental to human health.

Enagic representatives frequently assert that their machines do not require additives or chemicals, but there have been reports of Enagic representatives using sodium hypochlorite to sanitize the machines. This raises concerns regarding the safety of Enagic's devices and the possibility of user exposure to harmful chemicals.

FDA Approval

Notably, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved Enagic's instruments as medical devices. There is limited scientific evidence to support Enagic's claims that alkaline water is beneficial to health.

Enagic has previously received FDA warnings for making unsubstantiated health claims about their devices. The FDA warned Enagic in 2009 that it was making "unapproved medical device claims" and that its machines had not been "approved or cleared by FDA for any use." Enagic continues to promote their machines as providing numerous health benefits despite this warning.

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